tisdag 18 september 2007

Acts 2:32: "God has raised this Pipe Cleaner to life"

Praise the Lord/Jahve/Allah/Vishnu/Buddha/Primeminister of Denmark (w. provinces)! (Drawing by Storm P. himself)

Lo and behold! My references to Jesus, the Holy Graal and the motion picture "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" seem to have worked in my favour. Today I found another shop that sells the Storm P. pipe cleaners! Just two or three weeks ago, I went into the same shop and asked if the carried Storm P. The man behind the desk said "No, but we do have Brobergs pipe cleaners". So, I bought one package of those.

As I went into the shop today, I remembered what he had told me the last time I was there and asked for Brobergs pipe cleaners. "Sorry" said the clerk, "we're all out of those, but I have these". Up on the counter came a package of Storm P. "Where did you find these?" I asked, and he responded with quite some emphasis "Well... I don't know". "How many packages do you have down there?" I continued. "A whole lot of them" he answered.

Well, I don't really care if they fell off a truck or through the ceiling, nor if the man got them by accident. On the third day, God raised these pipe cleaners to life! Or at least He put them on respiratory life support. Nevertheless I got two packages of them and I plan to buy the whole stock when I get the means for it. One question still remains though: Are the Storm P. pipe cleaners still manufactured? My search continues, even though I temporarily know where to find them.

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