lördag 15 september 2007

O Storm P., Where Art Thou?

Storm P., Storm P., why have you forsaken me?

Two weeks ago, I went to the only one of Uppsala's various tobacco shops that have been carrying my favourite pipe cleaners, "Storm P.". I have been going there for several years, buying from a (as I thought) ever refilled stock of these the most excellent of pipe maintaining tools. But this time my inquiry was met by the utmost silence, followed by a rambling question. "What pipe cleaners did you say?" ask the clerk and started to search through the drawers behind the desk, eventually presenting me with two other brands. "Storm P.", I answered. "Sorry, never heard of them" said the clerk. "But I have been buying them of you for the last seven years!", I replied as the grim expressions of disappointment and grief started to make themselves visible in my up until that point smiling face.

I had to leave the store without having achieved what I had set out for. So, I hereby ask you all: Is there anyone who knows where I can find the Storm P. pipe cleaners? They are (were?) manufactured by the Danish company Rasmussen Scandinavia, a company that seems to have vanished into thin air (which is my way of saying "I googled them, but came up with nothing"). The pipe cleaners are non-conical and comprised of densely set, very soft and rather short hairs. I have photographed the package, so you'll know what to look for. If you can help me in finding this the holy Graal of pipe cleaners, I will be forever thankful (or at least for a day or two)!

[Sept. 18th 2007: Update on the subject Storm P. pipe cleaners]

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